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Our concept

Exclusive Residence means space for you, the harmony, luxury, a touch bourgeois and a bohemian lifestyle. Balanced combination of the concept of private space, secluded from the busy everyday life and cosmopolitan accents of Copou outline Exclusive Residence as a emblem project of Iasi.

Through passion we brought more color harmony. In line arrangements, full of musicality, we have chosen the Copou as the perfect place for Exclusive Residence. A place full of culture, aesthetics and art. The Copou  is a place of creation, of relaxation, a place bordered by aristocratic elements. Exclusive Residence completes all this artistic space in a spirit of aesthetic values.

The project includes a set of six exclusive new buildings with underground parking and above ground, with luxury apartments of 1, 2, 3, 4 rooms fully equipped to Western standards, with modern finishes and amenities of the highest quality.